Kitchen Carvers - hand crafted wooden spoons and utensils

Kitchen Carvers - hand crafted wooden spoons.

hand crafted wooden spoons
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Kitchen Carvers
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Lena, Illinois 61048





All wooden spoons, 

spurtles, and spatulas 

are handmade in the

United States of America

by Kitchen Carvers



Free Spurtle Spoon valued at $24.00 with a $48.00 purchase or more of our products. Deadline is August 1st, 2016

If you qualify for the free Spurtle Spoon, please mention in the Comment Box of the order form if you need a right handed version, or a left handed version, and if you prefer maple or cherry wood. Thank you.




Questions - Please email us at

It's a Spurtle War

The Speed Spurtles

Located on the Spurtles link

(Please click Here to find out more)

The Battle Is Won By Purchasing USA Made Spurtles And Spoons.

 Harry Charles Clarke ~ Kitchen Carvers



Measuring Spoons please click here



The Original Spurtula

The  Spurtle you have been looking for...

Located on the Spurtles link

(Please click Here to find out more)

My Spurtula and Stir Fry Tool arrived on Saturday. They are beautiful!  

I had company when they arrived 

and everyone was impressed by their beauty and style. ~ Dayl - Praises Section


Put Your Faith

  In Kitchen Carvers Wooden Utensils


Kitchen Carvers Shop 

Kitchen Carvers new wooden spoon shop is located at 207 West Railroad Street in Lena, Illinois, just 45 minutes west of Rockford.

Read about our wooden spoons here!

hand carved wooden spoons, spatulas, and other untensils. The wooden spoons are hand carved - not two are alike.



Some of the most used tools in our homes are wooden spoons.

Kitchen Carvers makes handcrafted wooden spoons, spurtles and spurtle spoons. Our wooden spoons and spurtles are made from hardwoods to bring you years of use.

Wooden spoons make beautiful heirlooms and wonderful gifts.


Wooden spoons can be purchased with Master Card

wooden spoons can be purchased with Visa

wooden spoons can be purchased with a Discover Card

wooden spoons can be purchased with American Express



Kitchen Carvers is your golden ticket to wooden spoons, spurtles and spatulas. They make great gifts for yourself and to others. Thanks for shopping at our website.  



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