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We are most thankful for your gratitude and kind words in praising
our products and would like to share some of them with you.

Hi Harry Charles,

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how I like the spurtles. Love, love, love them! They are just the bomb! If a spoon could be a bomb LOL I've been looking for just the right utensil to cook with. I've been cooking and baking for 45 years so I'm picky about what I like to use. These are just the best. Even my husband picked it up the other day to stir something on the stove and say "Hey, this thing is great!" You can really get around the sides of a pan and I love the way you can scrape the food out. We used the mash potato spoon for rice the other day and the worked well too. I think that spoon will be used for more than just mashed potatoes. I bought these because of the shape and thickness of them and thankfully, they are just what I've been searching for.



I absolutely love my order of spurtles and
appreciate my freebie! Thank you so much.
I will be buying more and spreading the word.
Thanks , have a great Thanksgiving!

Best Spoons Ever

I just wanted to send this to say THANK YOU !!!!
These spoons are awesome !!!! I have about 15 of your products and I've been using these for about three years now and they are holding up really good. I have had many compliments on how nice these spoons look !!! Not only do they look really nice but, we use them. We use these daily. You make such a great product !!! Thank You for making a product that is made in the U.S.A.

Found you on Google...(smile)
I've looked every where and you
and you have the best products by far!!! (smile) I'll be back for more! (smile)

Hello Harry,

The spoons arrived in perfect condition due to expert packaging.  Thank you for being such a pleasant part of my life.   And thank you for the cooking utensils that I use and love every day of my life.

Happy New Year,


Hi Harry,
I received my package the other day and wanted to let you know that I am thrilled with each piece.  They are absolutely beautiful and a work of art!  They will bring a smile to my face every time I use them.  So beautiful.  Thank you so much!

Dear Harry,

It has been some time since I purchased your spoons.  Let me tell you they are loved.  She uses them all of the time and they are holding up superbly.  Take care and I will refer you every opportunity.

Sincerely, Kevin

Dear Harry,

  The Spurtulas arrived today!! I am just delighted with them, they are PERFECT!!  The Spoon was a wonderful bonus I am going to love it too.   I can't thank you enough, you do beautiful work, they are gorgeous. I can hardly wait to try them out.   I am sure I'll be back for something new soon.  

Thanks again, Susan

Oh Mr. Clarke,

I LOVE them!  Fabulous work!  I have my Christmas presents for this year! Ha!  I'll be ordering them from you sometime this summer!

 Thank you very much! 


Hi Harry,

I received the spurtula today. It's wonderful and feels great in my hand. It's almost too beautiful to use! I'm sure I'll be ordering more wood utensils in the near future.
Thanks again, Sheryl

I love the Spurtula :) it's beautiful and I think I'm going to order another one except in maple. It feels really comfortable in my hands. Thank you!  elli


Dear Harry,
I just wanted to let you know how very much I love the items I ordered
from you....
They are works of art! They feel wonderful in my hands and they are a
joy to cook with.
I know that I will be ordering more things from you in the future...
It was a pleasure doing business with you...


hi harry,
     my spurtula just came and i love love love it.  what beautiful workmanship.  i also in love with the cherrywood.  i just washed it and will let it air dry before i use the food grade mineral oil i use on my boards.  i don't find any roughness, so i don't think it need to be rubbed with a scotch brite pad.
 i was worried it was going to be too big for me and my tiny hands, but it's just perfect.   

i'm going to take a picture of it later today and put it on facebook. hope you will gain more business this way.  



This spurtula is exactly the tool I was looking for..I am looking forward to us spending some quality time together at the stove..thank you very much   John


Mr. Clarke, I received the spurtulas and the spatula/spoon today, and they are really beautiful.  Thank you very much for sending these so promptly.  I know I will be using them a lot.  I will wash them and "season" them with mineral oil as suggested.

I hope you get many orders from the people who read Lucinda's blog and watch her show.
Thanks again.


Dear Harry,

 My utensils arrived on Saturday.  They are beautiful!  I had company when they arrived and everyone was impressed by their beauty and style.  I have used a couple of them and I am very pleased. 

 Thank you so much for doing such a fine job.  I am very happy with my purchase.



Hi Harry,

I placed an order back in November and you sent me a free spatula with my order.  I just want to tell you that I use that free spatula everyday and am in love with it.  Can you tell me how much it would cost to order another one of the free spatula that I received?  My daughter likes to use it as well and we often fight over it so needless to say, we need to get another.

Thanks so much!



I sure hope that you had a wonderful Christmas...the spoons were an absolute hit.  Thanks for making a Christmas bright.  Everything including the heart spoon was perfect.  I hope the rest of your holiday is great.



Dear Harry,
Thanks for the info on the spoons, it makes them more special than they are.  Received them today and I am amazed.  They are not only functional but they are gorgeous and  sturdy enough to last a lifetime, which is not the case for many "custom" spoons.
Thanks again.  I will definitely be ordering from you exclusively in the future.
Have a Merry Christmas.

Ah-ho Harry

Well the party went over great and my Dad's eyes filled with tears of joy. The spoon was the hit of the party and he will cherish it the rest of his life. Many Blessings to you and your family over the upcoming holiday season. You are now an official part of our family.

Creator has gifted you a talent with what you do so we may now know you as "Gifted Hands" and part of our nation to be.

Many Thanks,


I received my order in good condition and just wanted to thank you again for such a high-quality product.  Best wishes for a successful year and many more.  A satisfied customer, Flora

Dear Harry,
Unlike most people, I'm not writing a review upon the arrival of my order.   I actually got my wooden implements a few months ago.  Being somewhat jaded (Ah! Yeah of little faith), I thought I'd wait awhile to see just how well your items performed....well, hats off to are a true Craftsman!!
I knew when I received the items (phenomenal paddle spoon by the way) that they were superior to my other wooden kitchen utensils but I wanted to really give them a hard workout to see how they performed.  Well, I'm glad to say they're terrific!!!  I've used them in situations where I'd normally use stainless & they still look like new.  Not only are they beautiful but they're truly indispensable in the kitchen.
Here's the kicker, the FREE spurtle spoon sent with my order is one of my favorite utensils.  It's awesome!!!  I use it everyday. 
I've told my family & all my friends about your site, hopefully they will buy your "artwork" and be just as happy as I am.
 Best Regards,

Mr. Clarke,

  Received the spoon and spatulas this afternoon.  Now I know why you have the Indian name of “Gifted Hands”.  These are works of excellence in every sense of the word.  I am very pleased and appreciative of the small spatula as well.  It will be of great use scooping tomato paste, etc for this year’s canning event.

  Thank you and God Bless.



I received my spoon and gift spatula today.  In a world of fast mass produced goods, it is refreshing to find a true craftsman, such as your self.  Both utensils are equally gorgeous and of outstanding quality. My personal favorite is the Wenge wood "flour spoon."  Thank you for helping me create a unique heirloom that will be passed down from generation to generation. It was a pleasure doing business with Kitchen Carvers!

Kind Regards,


Thank you so much, Harry.  Do you know how hard it is to find a wooden fork?  I've searched everywhere to no avail.  These are beautiful, I especially like the notch for resting on the pot.  The spatula spoon is great too, I have a feeling I'll be using it just as much as the forks.
I will be coming to you for more great items.  You are a fantastic find, I'll be sure to spread the word.

Harry, I just want to tell you how pleased I am with cherry wood utensils you made for me.  The fit, form, finish and feel of these spoons is excellent.  I've bought olivewood spoons from Amazon, trendy spoons from Jonathan's and really hefty spoons from the Vermont fellows, but your product is the best.  If there's a better made wooden kitchen spoon out there, well, it's just going to have to fly out of the sky and hit me in the noggin to make me change my mind about your handiwork.                                Regards, John 


Most interesting site


Best of luck with your business. It was hard to find such a great selection on the internet. best found


Your wooden utensils arrived promptly.  They are absolutely beautiful and I wanted to tell you I will be thrilled to give them to my gourmet cooking friend for her birthday.
Thank You too for the treat of the extra utensil...I won't be selfish.  I'll give her that one too.
Thank you,

Just wanted to tell you I received my spoons today and I am delighted with them.  They are even better than expected and the workmanship is beautiful.  They are so well made that I expect to leave them as keepsakes after I am gone.  (not too soon.  LOL) .  Will be placing another order as soon as I have time to really study all the lovely offerings.  Thank you so much!


Dear Harry,

Just to let you know that the package arrived safely today. I am really pleased with everything I could not have asked for anything better.
The pictures on your website, although good, do not really do the eating utensils full justice. They are far better when you have them in your hand, outstanding workmanship, perfect size,  well balanced and very sturdy. I am sure that I will get many years of use from them and can't wait to start using them. Thank you once again for the free gift which is also outstanding. It has been a pleasure dealing with you. 
With all best wishes,


     The spoon is very nice, I am very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship that was put into this spoon.  I am certain that it will serve me well and I will certainly make other purchases from you in the future.  I will also refer anyone I can to your company, as this kind of quality is very rare.  Thank you very much, I feel that my money was very well spent.
Thank you,

Dear Harry,

The package just arrived.   The spoons are beautiful!  Your work is wonderful!

Thanks again for getting it out to me so promptly.  I really appreciate it.


They arrived today and they are simply beautiful! I am going to have to force myself to actually use the spoons, they are soooooo pretty!

The top is for my granddaughter's Christmas stocking!


Hi Harry,

I'd prefer right-handed. If the cooking tongs are anything like the toast tongs, they will be very handy indeed! I use the toast tongs all the time and it is such a pleasure to use something so beautifully crafted in my everyday life.

Thank you again!

... Harry.

And yes, we are pleased ... the spoons just feel RIGHT in one's hand. Excellent products!


Hi Harry,
WE LOVE OUR SPOONS!!  Thank you!! They are absolutely beautiful, more perfect than we imagined when ordering!  We've passed out the extra business cards and been walking advertisements for Kitchen Carvers and your work, many are interested and hopefully more orders will be sent your way from Duluth soon.  We especially appreciate your generosity in giving us 2 free spoons with our order.  The excellent packing and prompt shipment were also appreciated. We will definitely order from you again,  THANK YOU!  Debra


The spoons are beautiful!  My daughter loved them and will probably look on the web site for more things.  The spoons are truly works of art. 

  Thank you!



I'm pleased with every single item that I ordered! Your level of work is a sign of true craftsmanship.

Mr. Clarke:
    You were right, the spoons turned out great!  They arrived on Saturday, just on time for me to use all four of them to serve dinner; the pots I use are clay and metal utensils would scratch them, so I'm particularly pleased with these lovely spoons.
    Thanks, and I look forward to ordering a few more.  Thanks again.

Holy cow!  I just have to tell you how truly beautiful these spoons are!  (Do I really have to use them to cook with?)  <laughing>  I just want to keep feeling them.  Trust me, they will get used plenty, and I know by their density and craftsmanship, they will last a long time.  I love them.  Thank you!

Dear Harry,
I received both spoons yesterday and I absolutely love them.  I will be ordering more wooden spoons as soon as I can.  I am so glad that I found your site!  Thanks again and Happy New Year. 


Harry, thank you so much. I just received the wooden spoons I ordered for my daughter for Christmas!

They are by far the most beautiful spoons I have ever seen. she is going to be so pleased! I am so glad I found your web site and I am sure I will be ordering from you again. Hope you have a very blessed and Merry Christmas! Thanks also for shipping them to me so promptly! Carol


Hello Harry. Received the coffee spoon, today, and I am VERY
impressed. It looked quite nice on the website, but those images truly
don't do the piece justice; the coffee spoon is a work of art. This
spoon is to be a gift for my coffee-drinking mother and I know she is
going to love it.

Thank you for the speedy service.


Dear Mr. Clarke,
I received the two spoons I ordered yesterday. (ll/05/05).  I have to say how impressed I am with the speedy delivery!  And, not to mention how beautiful the spoons are would be very neglectful of me!!!  I bought them for my daughters for Christmas.  I believe when the season is over I need to order some for MYSELF!   :)
Thanks again!

I can only say good things about Harry or his spoons, etc. I have enjoyed all of the many pieces that I've purchased in the past. The workmanship is spectacular and Harry always stands behind his work. He has also made me my very own "Deb" spoons. I love them and use them as often as I can.  
Deb ~ Illinois

Harry's spoons and wooden items are absolutely wonderful!! He takes such care when he makes his items - top of the line. I feel like I have something that will last my lifetime, and will definitely become family heirlooms. Thank you, Harry, for your hard work and dedication to giving respect to nature in the quality you bring to your products.
Gina ~ Kansas

Well, your wonderful utensils arrived and were greeted with joy & delight by my boyfriend.  They are perfect! Thank you so much.
Chaela ~

I absolutely LOVE the ladle and spoons!  They are SO beautiful!  Thank You,
Dena ~

I really like your website and also wanted to let you know how amazing your items are.  I bought a spoon at the Galena Craft Fair on Saturday and I can't get over how gorgeous it is.  I cannot wait to get more cooking and serving implements from you.  Thanks!
Joy ~

Very nice.  I enjoyed seeing your work yesterday at the Galena Arts Festival.  (I purchased a top, but still haven't mastered spinning it upside down!)
Kathy ~ Illinois

Although we have never met, I wanted you to know how very pleased I am with the cherry wooden bowl you made.  This is a gift I received from my son.  It is amazing that a rough piece of wood can be made into something so beautiful.. Thank you.
Wanda ~ Colorado

Thank you so much for my Lilac letter opener - and Red Bud bowl.  Also my brother loves his Coffee Tree bowl.  He was very impressed and is looking forward to meeting you.  Thank you again so much.
George ~ Illinois

Harry, I used to to a great deal of woodwork with larger items.  I cannot get over how beautiful your finished products are.  We have several of your things and use them all the time.  I would like to thank you for putting in so much time and effort to make a thing of nature come back so that we can enjoy it's beauty once again.
Steve ~ Illinois

Hi Harry!
The walnut pancake flopper came in today. That's not a common, ho-hum, wooden kitchen tool! That's a work of art! Absolutely magnificent! I am very impressed with it! Now all the other metal/plastic floppers I have are going to the thrift shop! Someone else can have and use those! I have the best one on the market now! Excellent workmanship Harry!
Now...I am looking for one of those little honey know...the ones that look like they have a stack of coins at the bottom of the handle? I don't know if you do any lathe work, but if you did I'd take a walnut honey dipper off your hands in a flash!
Let me know on that and maybe I can send in another order.
Thanks again for this super great pancake flopper.


We received the items well in advance of Christmas, and were very happy with the quality!

Thank you,

The spoon is absolutely perfect.  I gave one of your business cards   to a friend who may want to buy some wooden flatware for herself.  It's so lovely.
Thank you so much!!!


   I received all the spoons and they are beautiful, and I am very pleased.  I am throwing out all my metal ones.  I would like a couple more of the flour spoons.  They can be used for so many things.  I am sorry I only ordered one.  If  you can send 2 more I would appreciate it. Thank you.



Received my spoon order today and just wanted to write to say your
products are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! 
Thank you for the prompt delivery and I will be back.  Connie



       I just wanted to let you know that the soup ladle arrived today (6/29/04) in perfect condition.  Although the temp is very Hot here, I am making a batch of soup so that I can use the new spoon right away.  It is exactly what I have been looking for.
       If you have a mailing list or periodic items offered, please keep me in mind.




Dear Harry,
I have just got my office set up again after summer
cleaning and checked my e-mail for the first time in
weeks.  I have meant to send you a note to tell you
how much I love the plates and utensils but I never
seem to get around to catching up with my cards and
letters.  Anyway, they are wonderful, and your
craftsmanship is supurb!  They are truly unique and
everyone who has seen them has had positive comments
to make.  I will use and treasure them for a lifetime!
 I will no doubt be contacting you in the future and
am already talking up your work to my friends and
family.  Enjoy the rest of the summer and thanks
again!  --Wally


Hello Harry I just wanted to let you know that I
dropped your spoon in the mail today. I had told
myself that the first one I carved was going to be a
gift to you, just my way of saying thanks for the
inspiration. Another wooden spoon is probably the last
thing you need but if your anything like me there's
something you can't have to many of. Anyway I wanted
to let you know its on its way. Let me know what you
think of it when it arrives. Thanks again Yours Truly

     Hi Harry: I received my three spoons today and I LOVE them. I have nerve damage in my wrist and have a lot of trouble holding the regular spoons. I do a lot of canning and these spoons are perfect for stirring. Thank you so much for a beautiful product. I will be ordering a cutting board soon.


Hi, my order arrived in great shape! I love the spoons and the rack; what beauty and quality!
Looking forward to ordering again in the near future,
Thanks again,


Dear Harry and Gloria,
I want to thank you for the personal service I received on my recent order. When my order did not go through properly, Harry called me to see if I wanted to give him the information over the phone. I appreciated that. It was really nice speaking to you, Harry. My spoons arrived today, and I am writing you this evening to let you know how I liked them. Oh my! They are gorgeous and I am absolutely thrilled! I thought they would be nice, after reading about you on your website, and after reading the praises from other customers--but they are even better than I had expected. I can't say enough good things about them. Look for a new order from me sometime this week. My only problem being what to choose to order next--I want so much! Thanks again and God bless you both!


Hi Harry and Gloria,
I received my beautiful Cherry Spoons today and wanted to tell you how much I love them.  They are absolutely perfect.
I love to cook and have long admired the substantial wooden spoons used by all the chefs on The Food Network.  Now, mine absolutely compare!
I can tell they were made, packed and ship with care and I wanted to let you know that I really, really appreciate all your hard work.  I will take good care of them.
Thanks again.
Hi Harry

We received the spoons yesterday.  Everything is perfect!!  We are so
pleased with your product and your service, and would recommend you to
everyone we know.

Thank you so very much


Hi, thanks so much for my order! I love all the spoons, spatulas and, especially, the big dipper! I'll look forward to ordering again for gifts and for myself.


the spoons/spatula are beautiful! I used the spoons last night and they worked wonderfully!  thanks so much! 



I have received my spoon order in perfect condition. I was very impressed
with the care that was taken with the packaging for shipping. When I
looked at the spoons, I was even more impressed. I can't wait until
Christmas morning. Every year my wife ask for good quality wooden spoons
that I can never seem to find, but this year I'm sure she will say: "Now
That's A Quality Spoon". Excellent Job! Thank You. Doug

Harry Clarke
Thank you for the very prompt shipping of my order.  The package arrived in excellent condition and as promised.  The items are lovely and I am sure I will enjoy them for years to come!  Again, many thanks.
Thanks again Harry.  I received my order yesterday and was very happy to see how beautiful the utensils are.  I bought them as a gift and the person was very happy with them also.  You do wonderful work.
Thank you!!!
Dear Kitchen Carvers,
I received the two wooden spoons I purchased for my wife (Cherry 13" Cookie spoon and 14" Stirring spoon).  Just wanted you to know that she was totally thrilled with both of them.  Outstanding workmanship in both, and they were just what she wanted. 
As a result of such a quality product, you will be receiving another order from me today.   (My wife wants more of your items for Christmas...).

I received the spoons and spatula on Thursday.  They are fabulous!  We opened our Christmas presents last night and my mom had a fit over them.  She is using them today cooking Christmas dinner and she will test them out this afternoon making cookies and candy.  They are even better than the pictures on the internet.  Thank you so much for getting them to me by Christmas.


He really liked them, which is not to please the average man in the world of cooking.  He's especially picky too.  Runs in the family.  Thank you for your handcrafted art!


Hello Harry,
I received your package yesterday and the spoons are just fabulous!  The pen is just beautiful and I know I'll get many years of good use out of it.  Your workmanship is outstanding and I now see why my brother was so pleased with the spoons we sent him for Christmas.
Harry, you have gone above and beyond in locating my brother's package, remaking the order and shipping it to me, as well as including my special pen gift.  I will happily tell all my friends and co-workers about your website and recommend your work to them.  Thank you for everything!
Wishing you a happy and blessed New Year,

Dear Kitchen Carvers.

I just received my spoons in the mail and they are wonderful. I am
giving them as a gift to my mother for Mother's Day, but I am so
pleased with them I am going to have to order two more for myself.
They are beautifully hand-crafted and fit in the hand perfectly. You
guys have a truly great product.

All the best,

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Clarke,

I received my wooden spoons yesterday (Friday), and am very pleased with them.  I must admit that I was a little hesitant about the cost of the spoons, but they are definitely worth the price I paid for them.  They really are beautiful wooden spoons.  Thank you for the recipe you included with the order, as well as for conveniently putting the care instructions for the spoons on your business card.

I am impressed with the professional way you do business and with the individual, personal touch you give your orders.  Your brief e-mail to me letting me know the spoons were finished and that they had been shipped made me feel like I wasn't just an invoice number.  You do business like in the old days when customers mattered, something that is hard to find these days.

Thank you for the great spoons. 


Hello Harry,
Just received the maple carved spoon,  wow!!!!! it's beautiful, thank you for everything and I'm certain we'll do business again.


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